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Aphrodite's Labyrinth

...where the fine line between friendship and romance is often blurry

mighty aphrodite
20 April
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An aspiring author, I've been writing Real People Slash for nearly a decade. Yes, I know I'm dating myself here:-) My past muse, Justin Timberlake, was the inspiration for most of my early works. Current muse, Jason Castro, has amassed quite a collection of stories on his own. You'll find my works archived in many outlets throughout the net, however, you'll find all of my 'Nsyncslash and original fics at Aphrodite's Labyrinth and my Jason Castro inspired fics at Castrofics. Although I write just about any genre from bdsm/erotica to black comedy, my forte is angst. Angst literally runs in my veins. However hard I try to diverge from angst, I find myself getting back into this intoxicating genre. Often times, if the topic is taboo, chances are I've written on it and I will not make an apologies for my writings provided that warnings are loud and clear. And yes, I'm still sick, twisted, and very depraved, but do befriend me here at livejournal land. I promise not to bring out my leather whips:-) **sorry, Jason, that doesn't apply to you, beautiful**P.S. For latest updates, follow me on Twitter.

Aphrodite's Lovely New Muse
Isn't Jason Castro absolutely beautiful?