mighty aphrodite (nsaphrodite) wrote,
mighty aphrodite

Fic Updates

First off, I apologize for the lack of updates.  As I’ve alluded before, I really need to work on my original novel so I went on a little writing retreat, but ended up resting more than I did writing.  However, I am a professional fangirl and can never leave fandom entirely.

I have several chapters of ‘Closer’ written although they need to be edited before posting so expect some steady updates.

As for ‘The People’s Prince’, I have the story mapped out already in my mind with alternate endings depending on when it ends.  And thanks to all who provided feedback, I will continue the story.  I have another Blake/Bane story that will be less ‘brutal’ than ‘The People’s Prince’, but I’m torn between writing it as a fanfic or an original fic. In any case, expect another chapter, hopefully fairly soon.

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