mighty aphrodite (nsaphrodite) wrote,
mighty aphrodite

Fic: The Measure of a Woman's Worth III

The Measure of a Woman's Worth

Rating: NC-17
On his 30th birthday, Stacey proves her worth by offering Michael the greatest gift a wife can give her husband.
Warnings: Non-con

The Measure of a Woman's Worth III

By all accounts, Stacey Vuduris was the perfect wife for Michael Johns. When Michael opened the door to his house, he found his wife sitting, legs crossed in the arm chair in the living room, waiting for his return. She slowly got up from the chair and approached him. She grabbed the back of his neck, urging him forward to kiss her lips.

Closing Notes: To read all my other fics, visit Aphrodite's Labyrinth.
Tags: fics

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