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Fic: Closer IV

Disclaimer: Fiction.
Rating: R
Summary: Heejun Han never went out at nine.
Author's Notes:
I apologize for the racial remarks ahead of time. I am sure Heejun's mother is lovely person in real life; just not in this story.  Also, this work is completely unbeta'd and to be honest, I'm not completely satisfied with it, but hopefully it'll get better.

Closer IV

Los Angeles, CA 2010

“Don’t close the damn door!”

Heejun sighs deeply. He doesn’t even have to turn around to know it is his arch nemesis Johnny Keyser yelling at him. As much as he wants to close the elevator doors to just spite Johnny, he’s a much bigger man and holds the doors open for Johnny.  Johnny charges inside and without even saying word slams his fist on the button numbered one.

Closing Notes: To read all my other fics, visit Aphrodite's Labyrinth.
Tags: fics

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