mighty aphrodite (nsaphrodite) wrote,
mighty aphrodite

Fic: Pieces of You

Pieces of You
Based on real people, but fiction nonetheless.
Rating: NC-17
David’s practice session for cheerleading tryouts before his father deemed the sport inappropriate for a boy proves to be very useful today as he cheers in the name of his lover.

Pieces of You

“Why do you love me, David?”

David ponders over Jason’s last question just before the boy closes those gorgeous blue eyes for the night. David sighs deeply, absentmindedly stroking the boy’s dreadlocks of gold and bronze infused with chocolate mocha. It’s a simple question really and being together with the boy intimately now for nearly half a year, David ought to know the answer to such a simple question, yet he doesn’t.

Closing Notes: To read all my other fics, visit Aphrodite's Labyrinth.

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