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Fic: Sweet Induction

Sweet Induction

Disclaimer: Fiction.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Phillip is inducted as a muse and Heejun helps him deal with the aftermath.
Warnings: Sexual situations that might be offensive to some; might be considered dub-con to others. No harm intended.
Author’s Notes: I figured since I’ve been on Phillip Phillips’ high lately, I might as well write and dedicate a story to my newest muse.

Sweet Induction

“PP, what’s wrong?” Heejun asks his best friend, concern evident on his face.

Phillip’s been up all night, reading stories after stories by a certain writer who goes by the name of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. More like Goddess of Torture, Phillip thinks to himself. He’s sweating. His heart is racing. He feels sick to his stomach. He keeps covering his eyes as he peeks through tiny slits between his fingers to read terrifying scenes, scenes so horrid that it’ll make a grown man cry for his mother.

Closing Notes: To read all my other fics, visit Aphrodite's Labyrinth.

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