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Collection of Works

For ten years, I've been writing Real People Slash. My past muse, Justin Timberlake, was the inspiration for most of my early works. Current muse, Jason Castro, has amassed quite a collection of stories on his own.  Between the two, I've been kept busy, completing a collection of works and with just as many works in progress. As many friends know, I'm particularly keen with titles. Titles are of the great importance for me.  Often times, I would come up with a title and then a story.   Having a title in place is my commitment to completing the stories. I wonder if I'm the only writer who comes up with a title first then a storyline. For those interested, here's a list:


Festival of Phartenos Mortis
Thank You

Justin Timberlake/Nsync                        

A Tale of Two Boybands
A Tale of Two Boybands Then
Another Halloween
At the Stars
Behind the Scenes
Coffee and Cream
Daddy's Little Boy
Dancing in the Moonlight
End of the World
Family Affair
Golden Phoenix
Goldie Locks
Goodbye is Not Forever
Gym Shorts and Tank Tops
Happiness to You
Hunter and Prey
Justin's Jewels
King of Diamonds
Kodak Moments
Last Christmas
Last Halloween
Missing You
Mommy Dearest
Night Falls on Cedar Hills
Only God Knows
Out of the Rain
Paradise Lost
Pet Shop Boys
Resurrecting Kevin Richardson
Richard Miles of the House of Flies
Small Sacrifices
Strangers at Day
Sweet Lullabies
Tale of the Sun
Test of Friendship
The Boys Only Club
The Cure
The Greatest Show on Earth
The Making of a Porn Star
The Messenger
The Patient
The Stalk
The Ugliness Inside of You
The War Behind Us
Thicker Than Water
To Justin With Love
When Love Bleeds Into Hate
When Sleep Becomes of Him
White Men in Black Suits

Jason Castro

A Box of Rocks
A Convoluted Truth
A Mother's Gift
Across the Universe
Afraid of the Dark
Angel in a Devil's Playground
Behind the Music Series
Curtain Call
Dazed and Confused
Deep Penetration
Deliverance (Come Away With Me)

For the Love of Mankind
In Sins We Lay
Introducing Jason Casto
Lying in Predicament
Manifest Destiny
Opportunity of a Lifetime
Other Side of Darkness
Party Favor
Pieces of You
September Mourn
Shades of Blue
Shattered Dreams
Sick Cycle Carousel
Sweet Surrender
The Art of (Un)subtlety
The Beginning to the End
The Cruelty of Kindness
The Deafening Silence of No
The Glory of a Man
The Measure of a Woman's Worth
The Perks of Being Adam Lambert
The Prize
The Upside of Destruction
Ties that Bind
Underneath a Blanket Full of Daisies
Your Life is a Stage and the World is Your Audience
White Elephant
White Lies

Joseph Gordon Levitt's Arthur

A Father's Promise
Dominance of Mind
Living Nightmare
Living Nightmare Before Last
Now or Never
Risky Business
Silence of the Night
The Death of a Thousand Gods- Put Together
The Men They Loved and The Boy Who Needed Them More
The Night Before Christmas
What It Means to Love Someone

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