Collection of Works

For ten years, I've been writing Real People Slash. My past muse, Justin Timberlake, was the inspiration for most of my early works. Current muse, Jason Castro, has amassed quite a collection of stories on his own.  Between the two, I've been kept busy, completing a collection of works and with just as many works in progress. As many friends know, I'm particularly keen with titles. Titles are of the great importance for me.  Often times, I would come up with a title and then a story.   Having a title in place is my commitment to completing the stories. I wonder if I'm the only writer who comes up with a title first then a storyline. For those interested, here's a list:

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Fic: When Rachel Died

When Rachel Died

Disclaimer: Fiction.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When Rachel died, he vowed to never love another like he loved Rachel Dawes. Then he met John Blake.
Warnings: Bdsm, Non-Con, Torture
Author's Notes: This is a response to this prompt and this prompt. I'm severely lacking inspiration these days so if there is a prompt you'd like me to write for, please let me know. Thank you for reading.

When Rachel Died

When Rachel died, he vowed to never love another like he loved Rachel Dawes. Not even the stunningly enticing Miranda Tate could claim his heart. Then he met John Blake- young and beautiful with a compassionate heart and an unjaded spirit found rarely in someone so young.

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Halloween Fics

Silence of the Night

Disclaimer: Fiction based on fictional characters.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: AU. It’s Halloween and someone’s after Arthur.
Warnings: Sex, Blood, Gore. Not for your faint of heart. Please proceed with caution.
Author’s Note: In response to this at Inception Kink.

It’s Halloween night and everyone’s out having fun. All the popular kids are at Mallorie Stevens’ annual costume party. Eames goes as himself, football jock extraordinaire with a cutoff jersey shirt that exposes his cut abdomen and spandex tight pants that flaunt his bubbly butt, because he’s cool like that.

Afraid of the Dark

Disclaimer: Never happened therefore it’s fiction. 
Rating: NC-17.
Summary: Jason falls victim to Michael John’s terribly gone awry prank.
Warning: Adult content, non-con, violence

It was no secret that Jason Castro was afraid of the dark. There was a reason why the boy slept so much during the day. While others were fast asleep in the comfort of their beds, Jason would spend his sleepless nights wide awake, writing music if his roommates were lucky or strumming his guitar, finding new riffs if they weren’t. His bedroom lights were always on.

Last Halloween
Disclaimer:  Not true.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The boys visit a haunted house on Halloween
Warnings: non-con, violence/death

“Can we please, pretty please?” Justin begged, tugging relentlessly on Chris’s shirt like a child to a father begging to take him to the zoo.

“No, Justin. How many times must we go through this? No.” Chris snapped, pulling away roughly.

Pouting with misty deep blues, Justin turned to Joey at the table. He blinked his eyes a few times, showing the impending tears in his eyes.

“Please, Joey.”

“Uh…” Joey refused to look into those puppy eyes for fear of giving into his pleas. He returned to his mini black book to add some more names and corresponding numbers when Justin closed the book on him, forcing him to look at him. “Uh…” Joey couldn’t say, “no”, but Chris eased him by slamming his foot on Joey’s foot. “No, Justin.”

Fic: For You, I will

Fic: Closer VI

Fic Updates

First off, I apologize for the lack of updates.  As I’ve alluded before, I really need to work on my original novel so I went on a little writing retreat, but ended up resting more than I did writing.  However, I am a professional fangirl and can never leave fandom entirely.

I have several chapters of ‘Closer’ written although they need to be edited before posting so expect some steady updates.

As for ‘The People’s Prince’, I have the story mapped out already in my mind with alternate endings depending on when it ends.  And thanks to all who provided feedback, I will continue the story.  I have another Blake/Bane story that will be less ‘brutal’ than ‘The People’s Prince’, but I’m torn between writing it as a fanfic or an original fic. In any case, expect another chapter, hopefully fairly soon.

Fic: The People's Prince II

Disclaimer: Fiction.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Young Prince John Blake is sold to the Dothraki warrior-king, Bane
Author's Notes:
This is my first venture into the Dark Knight Rises fandom so any feedback is greatly appreciated. It is a response to this prompt at the TDKR Anonymous Kink Meme. Although I've watched the show twice, I have not read any of the books so please forgive me if I don't have the language, tone, descriptions correct.  Also, I'd like to state that it's more inspired than a cross-over in a sense that I did not follow the show exactly.
Warnings: Dub-con

The People's Prince II

Bane sent three men to escort John. The leader of the small pack of savages was a man by the name of Barsad by way of introduction. Barsad was a man of John’s height, but he was nearly twice as heavy with fleshed out muscles. Despite his brute look, the man’s blue eyes were warm and caring.

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Fic: Closer V

Fic: The Measure of a Woman's Worth III

The Measure of a Woman's Worth

Rating: NC-17
On his 30th birthday, Stacey proves her worth by offering Michael the greatest gift a wife can give her husband.
Warnings: Non-con

The Measure of a Woman's Worth III

By all accounts, Stacey Vuduris was the perfect wife for Michael Johns. When Michael opened the door to his house, he found his wife sitting, legs crossed in the arm chair in the living room, waiting for his return. She slowly got up from the chair and approached him. She grabbed the back of his neck, urging him forward to kiss her lips.

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Fic: Closer IV

Disclaimer: Fiction.
Rating: R
Summary: Heejun Han never went out at nine.
Author's Notes:
I apologize for the racial remarks ahead of time. I am sure Heejun's mother is lovely person in real life; just not in this story.  Also, this work is completely unbeta'd and to be honest, I'm not completely satisfied with it, but hopefully it'll get better.

Closer IV

Los Angeles, CA 2010

“Don’t close the damn door!”

Heejun sighs deeply. He doesn’t even have to turn around to know it is his arch nemesis Johnny Keyser yelling at him. As much as he wants to close the elevator doors to just spite Johnny, he’s a much bigger man and holds the doors open for Johnny.  Johnny charges inside and without even saying word slams his fist on the button numbered one.

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